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  • Jack Daniels: VDOT

    Jack Daniels: VDOT

    This article is the fourth in a series of four articles that will examine how legendary distance coaches like Jack Daniels have impacted modern distance training methodology. Jack Daniels, former Olympian and esteemed exercise scientist, is renowned as an iconic figure in distance running. Recognized as the “World’s Best Running Coach” by Runners World magazine, Dr. Daniels…

  • Coach Joe Vigil: Cracking the Code

    Coach Joe Vigil: Cracking the Code

    This article delves deep into Dr. Vigil’s training philosophy, unveiling the principles that shaped champions and revolutionized distance running with emphasis on how his methods can be applied to high school distance programs.

  • Coach Arthur Lydiard: Building a Pyramid

    Coach Arthur Lydiard: Building a Pyramid

    Discover the legacy of Arthur Lydiard, Coach of the Century, whose pioneering approach to distance running remains a cornerstone for coaches and athletes worldwide. Explore periodization, base building, and peak performance strategies pivotal in successful distance training.

  • Coach Mihaly Igloi: Lactate Dynamics

    Coach Mihaly Igloi: Lactate Dynamics

    Mihaly Igloi is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished middle distance coaches in history. During his tenure in the 1950s and 1960s, his athletes shattered an impressive 49 world records and 45 American records. Igloi’s training methods were known to be rigorous, unconventional, and very different from contemporary coaching techniques. Nonetheless, certain fundamental…