Coach Arthur Lydiard was revolutionary in his approach to training middle distance and distance runners. His Training Pyramid is still the model most often used by distance coaches today and greatly influenced both Jack Daniels, Joe Vigil and others. But, did you know he also perfected a way of lacing shoes to relieve pressure on the upper foot? This technique is known as Lydiard lacing and it’s quite easy to do.

Lydiard Lacing

The way you lace your shoes holds more significance than many runners understand. The Lydiard lacing style avoids exerting downward pressure on the sinews and metatarsals on the top your foot when fastened. Using any other method creates uncomfortable pressure spots on top of the foot, especially when it swells, leading to potential discomfort or pain. Incorrect lacing, a seemingly minor issue, can restrict the foot’s natural movement, potentially causing damage due to strain on specific points.

Lydiard often had his runners training between 100-150 miles per week during their base phase. This high mileage often caused swelling and foot pain which he found could be relieved considerably by altering the lacing sequence. Try lacing your shoes this way and see if you feel more comfortable.







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